Welcome to the future of leadership - get ready to be brave!

We are operating in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world where new technologies, ways of working and ‘players’ regularly change the rules and sometimes the ‘game’ itself.

Our Leadership 4.0 programme will provide insights and prepare you to inspire, empower and create a culture of agility and innovation. Whilst some may be overwhelmed by the complexity of this disruptive world, we see this as an exciting time for bold and forward-thinking leaders that ADCB needs to achieve its vision of becoming the number one bank of choice in the UAE.

Facilitated by our external partners, People Centric, this intensive, highly interactive five day programme combines proven-in-action techniques, peer interaction, real time feedback and insights from the latest research to help participants master the competencies required to lead and thrive in ‘Industry 4.0’, including:

• Understanding the impact of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) on leadership styles in today’s dynamic business environment
• Applying powerful skills and techniques needed to lead through VUCA and to motivate, empower and inspire others
• Creating an innovative and change ready culture.

Module 1 Pre Course
Unit 1 Welcome to your knowledge transfer & assessment video
Module 2 Module 1 - Creating a 4.0 Culture; Trust; Empowerment; Accountability
Unit 1 Leading & Thriving in a Disruptive World
Module 3 Module 2 - Leading in a Disruptive World
Unit 1 Leading in a Disruptive VUCA World
Unit 2 Leap Through VUCA Fog
Unit 3 How to Manage a Hybrid Team
Unit 4 Leading in a Disruptive World - Assessment
Module 4 Module 3 - Managing Uncertainty and Ambiguity
Unit 1 How Great Leaders Deal With Ambiguity
Unit 2 Dealing with Ambiguity: The New Business Imperative
Unit 3 Managing Uncertainty and Ambiguity - Assessment
Module 5 Module 4 - Agile/Change culture
Unit 1 How Organizations Can Use Agile Transformation to Thrive in 2023
Unit 2 Strategies for Learning from Failure
Unit 3 Agile/Change Culture - Assessment
Module 6 Module 5 - Innovation
Unit 1 How to Drive Innovation at Your Organization in Today’s Environment
Unit 2 Innovation ranks more important than ever in banking
Unit 3 Innovation - Assessment
Module 7 Post Course
Unit 1 Post course assessment